The 2021 PowerHockey Canada Cup is the second edition of the flagship national tournament for PowerHockey Canada and will be hosted by PowerHockey Toronto. Since PowerHockey Canada’s inception in late 2018, the organization has been laser-focused on the future of powerhockey in Canada and elevating the sport to its full potential.

Powerhockey is a sport for para-athletes of varying abilities that use a power wheelchair. It not only is fast-paced and action-packed, it also showcases the abilities of the para-athletes that compete to the best of their ability each and every game. Powerhockey is extremely inclusive by ensuring that persons of all abilities, gender identity, and age, are able to participate together as equals. Through this inclusive environment it fosters friendships that connect players the world over. The 2021 PowerHockey Canada Cup is a perfect representation of this, seeing players come together for the purpose of fair and competitive sport, while continuing to build a community for the future.

The 2021 PowerHockey Canada Cup builds on the excellence and success seen two years prior at the inaugural tournament and looks toward the future of powerhockey in Canada. It will feature top para-athletes on teams going head-to-head for five days of intense competition where the abilities of these athletes are showcased for the world to see via live streaming.

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